Visage Nightclub Concert List

This list only contains shows that happened during the time I worked there, it could be incomplete but I collected a flyer from every show but I could have missed one or two. Also, I see some video popping up on YouTube, if you have ANY audio, video or pictures from any of these shows message me because I want them. 🙂

November 20, 1987: Love and Rockets with opening band Janes Addiction

December 1, 1987: Faith No More

February 12, 1988: The Romantics

February 21, 1988: The Exploited

March 17, 1988: Gene Loves Jezebel with opening band, Flesh for Lulu

April 14, 1988 – Gang Green

May 12, 1988: Revolting Cocks

May 26, 1988: The Crumbsuckers

June 10, 1988: The Mighty Lemon Drops

June 16, 1988: Midnight Oil with opening band House of Freaks

June 26, 1988: The Smithereens

September 2, 1988: The Church with opening bands Peter Murphy and Tom Verlaine

September 4, 1988: The Sugarcubes with opening band Miracle Legion

September 25, 1988: King Diamond with opening band Flotsam and Jetsam

October 17, 1988: Iggy Pop with opening band Jane’s Addiction

October 30, 1988: The Screaming Blue Messiahs

November 20, 1988: The Ramones with opening band Rose Shadows

November 22, 1988: Fishbone with opening band New Love Theory

November 25, 1988: DEVO

November 29, 1988: Thomas Dolby

January 1, 1989: Circle Jerks

February 4, 1989: Janes Addiction

February 5, 1989: Feelies with opening band Yo La Tengo

February 21, 1989: That Petrol Emotion with opening band Voice of the Beehive

March 3, 1989: Lets Active with opening band The Reivers

March 4, 1989: Hothouse Flowers with opening band Martin Stevensen

March 16, 1989: Red Hot Chili Peppers

March 17, 1989: The Fixx

April 9, 1989: Killing Joke

April 25, 1989: Violent Femmes

April 27, 1989: Living Colour

May 2, 1989: Metal Church

May 12, 1989: Book of Love

May 23, 1989: Front 242

June 11, 1989: Xymox with opening band Moev

September 3, 1989: The Godfathers with opening band Braille Closet

September 4, 1989: Pop Will Eat Itself

October 8, 1989: Frontline Assembly

October 29, 1989: Meat Beat Manifesto

November 2, 1989: Meat Puppets

November 12, 1989: Concrete Blonde

November 20, 1989: Public Image Limited with opening band Flesh for Lulu

December 9, 1989; Red Hot Chili Peppers with opening band Fetchin Bones

January 30, 1990: Debby Harry

February 2, 1990: Red Flag

February 9, 1990: Bad English

February 16, 1990: Jesus and Mary Chain with opening band Nine Inch Nails

March 6, 1990: Enuff Znuff with opening band Trouble

March 17, 1990: Hooters with opening band Nuclear Valdez

March 19, 1990: Mighty Lemon Drops with opening bands Ocean Blue, John Wesley Harding

March 24, 1990: Smithereens

March 26, 1990: Severed Heads with opening band MC 900 Foot Jesus

March 30, 1990: Violent Femmes

April 5, 1990: 2 Live Crew

April 15, 1990: Psychedelic Furs

April 29, 1990: Ramones

May 5, 1990: Oingo Boingo

July 6, 1990: Nine Inch Nails with opening band Meat Beat Manifesto

July 25, 1990: Modern English

August 3, 1990: CCCP with opening band Schnittocht

August 13, 1990: They Might Be Giants

October 18, 1990: Stryper with opening band Blue Tear

October 21, 1990: T.S.O.L. with opening bands Lock Up, Genitorturers

November 11, 1990: Danzig with opening band Trouble

November 18, 1990: Snap

January 12, 1991: Nine Inch Nails with opening bands Die Warsau and Dessau

January 27, 1991: Mary’s Danish

February 1, 1991: Frontline Assembly

April 11, 1991: Maggie’s Dream with opening band Slow

April 14, 1991: Royal Crescent Mob with opening band Braille Closet

April 19, 1991: The Fixx

April 27, 1991: Front 242

April 28, 1991: Pantera with opening band Wratchild

May 8, 1991: Dee-Lite with opening band Stereo MC’s

May 25, 1991: Replacements with opening band Jelly Fish

June 9, 1991: Ramones

July 21, 1991: Xymox

July 24, 1991: My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

July 25, 1991: EMF

August 23, 1991: Jesus Jones

September 27, 1991: 808 State

November 14, 1991: Urban Dance Squad

November 23, 1991: Psychedelic Furs with opening band Ocean Blue

February 2, 1992: Nitzer Ebb

February 3, 1992: Progeny, Shamen, DJ Moby

March 13, 1992: Ice-T with Body Count with opening band Hard Corps

May 24, 1992: Social Distortion at the Edge

June 30, 1992: Howard Jones

August 26, 1992: Frontline Assembly

September 22, 1992: Concrete Blonde

December 11, 1992: Ministry at the Orlando Sports Club

March 13, 1993 – Fear

March 21, 1993: 808 State with opening band Meat Beat Manifesto

May 9th, 1993 – Testament w/ Green Jello and Pro-Pain.



11 thoughts on “Visage Nightclub Concert List

  1. Wow. I stumbled onto this blog about Visage and I swear you look so familiar. I think I went to most of those shows from 87 – 91. Brought back some great memories. Cheers!

  2. I was a bartender there from the summer of 1987 until 1993. I worked every Wed, Fri, Sat and every show, So yea, I am sure i served you at one point 🙂

  3. Hey, I was at some of these shows. And, I think I know who this blogger is. Great job! Thanks for the memories.

  4. Anonymous, you are welcome, 🙂 And Frank, that was after my time, I stopped working there at the end of May of 1993 so anything after that I was not there for so I didn’t know about so thanks for the update!

  5. Someone on FB tells me The Lemonheads was a different 1993 show that had Redd Kross as openers. They had blended together in my mind into a single show, the results of 8 hours sleep/week in the early 90’s I’m sure. BTW, do you remember Los Lobos playing there on election night Nov 1992? It was the night Clinton was elected.

  6. Ahhh…I remember you. The sweetest bartender; I was way to young to understand tipping, if I ever run into you I will pay your tab. Visage was a special place at a special time.

  7. Thank you for posting all this! We have a community group in Lockhart and we try to tell everyone about the exciting things that happened here in the past (and hopefully in the future). I never knew any of this! I posted this last night and 500 people saw it already! Best wishes to you.

  8. Thank you Greg, I know it is truly amazing to me how many bands played in this little old warehouse in the corner of the Lockhart neighborhood. One of my best friends grew up in Lockhart and I lived off of Pine Hills Road and North Lane at the time I worked there. I wish the pics of the flyers were better but I put them in a scrapbook with adhesive so I did the best I could.

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