I started my gratitude journal today.  It is one of those things I have tried to do in the past but just never kept up with. I know this time will be different because I am different.  It is just one of those laws of what you put out into the world you get back.  In my life this has been proven to me.  Whenever I tell people about my grant research work at home job I say how blessed, I am to have it, and I truly am. I have had this job for ten years and counting.

Now for a blessing in disguise I did not see coming.  Last year, I quit a job that I had worked for seven years because I was so miserable and negative and surrounded by negativity in that environment that I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Ten months later I went back for a visit and two different managers asked me to return to the job, I politely declined.   But, I gave it more thought and felt financially it would be the right thing to do so I tried to get my job back. However, the person who is now in charge of that department did not want me back. I was so angry that he had screwed me over but I took the high road as I always try to do and let it go. And seriously it is not like I had any choice but to move on. I have found after much heartache and wasted time it makes no sense to dwell on people or things that are not in your control because the truth is they are not thinking or feeling bad about you so why should you be? That is a lesson I wish I would have known in my twenties but oh well, what are you going to do?

Anyway, back to the story, the very next day after being told thanks but no thanks I decided to finally change my cell number to a local number because I thought that may be one of the reasons companies were not calling me for interviews. After, I changed the number I reached out to the two companies that I had applied for that week and because of that I immediately  got an interview with an event company and I am still awaiting word on the position, it is down to me and one other person and I should know by the end of next week.

Ever since the day I changed my phone number I have gotten more interviews and I have been grateful to that guy for not hiring me back because in the end he did me a huge favor. Think about as one of my closest friends said to me, why would I want to go back to a place filled with negativity where I was miserable? Moral of the story be grateful every day for what you have and sometimes for the things you thought you wanted but didn’t get because in the end that could be a blessing too!